Measuring Innovation in Europe for Future Growth

Key Note Seminar with Dr. Emanuela Todeva



This presentation will introduce the current efforts of the European Commission to harness the innovation potential in Europe, to introduce effective instruments for investment and coordinated action at regional and inter-regional level; to evaluate the gaps in interregional coordination of specialised capabilities across the European R&D space; and to address the need for global value chain strategies that bridge across the fragmentation of production and services.

The talk will deliver cases of regional policies that harness the innovation potential locked in fragmented assets, lead practices to implement the Innovation Union, and evaluation of the  lead European initiatives, such as:

- European ‘knowledge for growth’ strategy,

- smart specialisation policy framework in Europe,

- science-based entrepreneurship,

- accelerating the knowledge transfer across knowledge markets,

- innovative public procurement of science and technology outputs,

- institutions for performance evaluation at the level of national innovation systems,

- mapping regional capabilities,

- pro-active European / Global Value chain governance and transfer of knowledge across the public and the private domain,

- effective monitoring of the value creation and value capture at regional level,


Speaker - Dr. Emanuela Todeva, Director of the Research Centre for Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development (BCNED), UK.



Dr. Emanuela Todeva is Director of the Research Centre for Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development (BCNED). She is a lead expert in the field of mapping of strategic capabilities for value added; measuring the innovation potential of companies, regions and nations; facilitated stakeholder engagement and collaboration for growth; developing innovative governance models for knowledge transfer; building the foundations of the knowledge society and economy and intermediation in the University-Industry-Government interface.

As an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Triple Helix Association, and a Senior Consultant to a number of institutions worldwide, she has served as a conduit to knowledge transfer from Academia to Industry and Government. Her broad personal expertise spread across areas such as: development and implementation of innovation models for accelerated performance, advanced management techniques, global value chain positioning, managing strategic alliances and networks, value co-creation and diffusion of knowledge.

Amongst her clients and partners are the European Commission, OECD, EuroMaTech, PRMR Inc. (Public Relations and Market Research), Innovation and the Built Environment Academy (IBEA), and numerous universities worldwide. In her consultancy portfolio, Emanuela Todeva has delivered cluster mapping and cluster analysis services, evaluation of national innovation systems, benchmarking and impact analysis, global value chain analysis, sponsorship networks and stakeholder management.




Emanuela holds a Doctoral degree in Sociology from Sofia University in Bulgaria, and she is currently a member of the following professional Associations: Triple Helix Association (THA), Society of Global Business & Economic Development (SGBED), Strategic Management Society (SMS), International Sociological Association (ISA), European Group for Organisation Studies (EGOS), International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA).


Emanuela is Co-founder of the and a Member of the Editorial Board of Industry and Higher Education journal. She is the founder and director of the Research Centre on Business Clusters, Networks & Economic Development (BCNED) at the University of Surrey.

Her previous appointments include Reader in Comparative Business Development, London South Bank University, and Visiting Professor at the British Institute of eCommerce, London, UK. Her business research and consulting include countries such as: Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany, UK, Barbados, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, India, Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

She has undertaken research and published on diverse and interdisciplinary subjects such as: international business networks and business clusters, industry agglomerations, regional centres of excellence, analysis and mapping of the health technology sector, the global information sector, Triple Helix (TH) Governance and Intermediation, Innovation Governance, TH policy implementation through stakeholder practice, Technology and Innovation Systems in transition economies, TH engagement, co-alignment and co-creation, orchestration and eco-systems design, Business Models for industry and market development.

Emanuela Todeva has teaching expertise on a number Masters and Executive courses: Strategic Management in a Global Context, Doing Business in Europe, International Management Skills, Advanced Management: Achieving Superior Performance and Strategic Success. Her publications address issues of Network Governance, Cooperative Strategies, Alliances and Technology Partnerships, including her book on 'Business Networks: Strategy and Structure'.



Copies of her publications can be obtained at: