Innovation in Strategic Transformation & Institutional Change


Strategic transformation and managing innovation is an ongoing state of being for organizations who want to survive or maintain market leadership. When the business environment is disruptive, innovation keeps organizations competitive. Organizations should embrace innovation, learning and adaptability with the goal of creating smarter organization that can thrive in a world of exponential change. 

Organizations’ management then, have their work cut out for them as they compete in a world where the shelf life of business models is going down, thus there is an urgent need for tools, skills, and experience to envision, implement new business models that will transform the organization. They must take on the challenge of experimenting and leveraging on people who have the will and the skills to visualize and implement change. As the legendary innovation mastermind Clayton Christensen says: "You don't change a company by giving them ideas. You change them by training them to think a different way."

External market drivers are likewise forcing organizations to evolve and change their traditional business practices. These are:

  • The adoption of new business models
  • The rapid pace of change created by innovation
  • The increase of new market competitors


Value and Benefit to Our Clients

  • Rapid response to the changing consumer & stakeholder demands
  • Increased ability to adapt to external changes and market environment
  • Organizational stability in terms of developing employees for a sustainable future
  • Innovation projects in the organization’s pipeline increases over time
  • Increased quality of projects that are in the organization’s pipeline as the organization’s innovation capability increases
  • Innovation successes positively impacts the organization’s image
  • Sparks the interest of external stakeholders and may promote mutually beneficial partnerships