Innovation in Designing & Developing Institutional Business Models


To compete in today’s dynamic market, there is a need for organizations to make improvements and adjustments to the design and development of business models to ensure the creation of a more efficient and customer focused organization.  To achieve this, organizations need to reflect the customer’s / user’s needs by involving them in the product/service design and development process.  This is the activity of efficiently bringing together - organizing and planning people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve quality and the interaction between service providers and customers.  It is a creative and customer centered design process that is used by organizations to create value for their customers and serves as a competitive advantage as well.  

This has evolved from a mix of established design disciplines, business strategies, and best practices to create a process that works across multiple touch points and platforms. The use of service design as a means to institutionalize business models is an emerging trend which has leveraged on the service sector and which has proven to be a key engine of economic and job growth, and has in fact been adopted by both the public and private sector.


Value and Benefits to Our Clients

  • Higher quality of service definition therefore higher quality service
  • More successful innovations and reduced product / service failure risk
  • Better fit between service and customer’s/user’s needs thus better service experience
  • Unique brand of service
  • Lower development cost
  • Reduction of development time